IT Support and MSP Services

How Essential IT Support and New Technologies Are To Your Business

IT Services and Solutions, which make everything work for you, backed up by reliable IT Support, makes everything happen fast. So how do you get started with Managed IT Services in your organization? Here are three easy steps. First, you know just how essential it is for your technologies to function correctly. Your IT systems represent the backbone of your organization and without the right IT support your systems are prone to breakdowns and server downtime which can disrupt business.

To make sure that your servers run smoothly, we recommend that you implement a migration plan which involves moving your current infrastructure to a more reliable and capable server. IT migration experts will help you implement your migration strategy and ensure that your servers are running on the latest hardware and software. To ensure that your server’s function reliably and securely you also need to have your network installed with the latest security patches, applications, operating systems and other tools and technologies. IT technical support specialists can help you migrate your network, server and servers and migrate to a more economical and scalable IT solution.

Today, IT migration services encompass IT migration support to help you with all aspects of your office 365 migration strategy. From planning to implementation, from testing to maintenance, from implementation to growth, our expert team can help you address all IT concerns with unmatched accuracy and efficiency. If your organization currently lacks IT expertise and you are seeking a reliable partner to implement your next IT project, our highly experienced team can help you to build a robust, flexible and compliant network, server and system that support your mission. Our migration service extends from helping you design and develop IT systems, to assisting with the migration process and delivering critical IT support after the initial installation and configuration. With our comprehensive portfolio of solutions, we can help you address many of the challenges of an IT project including application integration, migration testing, database migration and business continuity.

Meet All Of Your Microsoft Exchange Server Support Needs

We provide the following tailor-made solutions to meet your migration needs: migration to MS Exchange Server for both on-premises and Exchange Server for migration from on-premises servers to on-demand servers. Our migration services for on-premises servers utilize the Exchange Server on-demand option to allow users to migrate mailboxes between on-premises and Exchange Server using their existing email servers. Migration to MS Outlook for migration from on-premises servers. MS Outlook provides a rich web experience with the ability to consolidate and manage the data of an organization through central storage and management platform. Our migration services for on-premises servers utilize this powerful web-based platform to migrate mailboxes between on-premises and Exchange Server.

Our comprehensive IT support services also include migrations to Oracle 9i. Oracle is the most popular and widely used database server in the world, offering comprehensive solutions to small businesses. Our solutions allow small businesses to implement safe and secure Oracle databases to create dynamic data models, ensure compliance with regulatory and enterprise-wide security requirements, as well as implement cost effective solutions. This ensures the continued performance and availability of your Oracle databases onsite as your business grows. Our expert team of computer and software engineers will guide you through every step of the process and ensure your migration goes smoothly.

Our managed services for on-premises servers include migrating from on-premise Oracle to on-demand Oracle. Our managed services for on-premises servers utilise the Exchange Server to provide secure, managed services, such as backup, archiving, compliance and disaster recovery. In addition, we offer managed services for small businesses to help them grow their IT budget. These solutions help small businesses gain direct access to their data and application databases without having to purchase or maintain them. We help manage the costs related to upgrades, patches and virus protection.

Why You Should Update To The Newest Microsoft Exchange Server

As more organisations migrate to Windows 7, more companies are realising the benefits of this new operating system. Migration to windows 7 can be a time consuming process. However, if you’re migrating from a legacy system to Windows 7 there are some quick things you can do in order to speed up the process of migrating to the new platform. Our experienced teams can provide our customers with a tailored solution to meet their current business needs, whether they’re moving from on-premises systems to windows 7 or migrating legacy systems to new platforms.

The majority of IT professionals migrate their email servers to Exchange Server 2021, due to the additional functionality it provides for the organization’s operations. It makes life easier when you have access to your email in real time and can synchronize calendars, contacts and tasks across all your devices – laptops, desktops and mobile phones. If you need help migrating your email servers, our experienced IT services team can advise you on the best options for your organization. As part of a migration’s management plan, migrating mailboxes is a key step and should be undertaken as early as possible in order to ensure that you don’t lose any important data. Our expert team will assist you and your staff in taking the next steps towards a smooth and successful migration.

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